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Canadian National Trades mission is to bring a voice to tradespeople. CNT addresses trades specific issues and builds solutions, from job site to boardroom.

Who we are?

What we do

What we do at Canadian National Trades is partner with Trades to bring a voice and solution to the issues they are facing surrounding todays job-sites, culture shift, skills training, and labour, to name a few.

Faced with increasing repair cost's and customer disasifaction and the impending labour shortage the Trades are already struggling.

CNT builds strategic partners to solve isses and fund solutions.

Why We Do it

Canadian National Trades does it for Tradespeople. Whether you are an employer, sub-constractor or own your own company. It's boot's on the ground that need practical solutions to the real world issues they are facing. Some things can't be fixed in the boardrooms or by Gov't.

CNT's brings a practical approach to building solutions, and works with you. As a partner we evolve a plan from stakeholder buyin through to funding and implementation. It takes time, but the alternative is 'doing nothing' and 'solving nothing'.

Trades issues, Trades solutions.

Current Projects

2019 Projects


What we know


For the first time a workforce spans FOUR generations. On todays job site a workforce can span from 18 to 70 years old. With varing skills levels, an existing shortage of workers, decline in skills training, and the retirment of almost 50% of the Trade workforce in the next 10 years, Trades, across the board, are facing a critical skills and labour shortages.

   - there are 4 generations on the job-sites
   - accessible skills training limited
   - knowledge transfer even mor limted
Next 10 years
   - 50% of workforce retiring

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Why We Do it

For the first time a workforce spans FOUR generations, with Generation Z representing the 'New Generation'. Generation Z is the youngest group 15 - 22 on the job-sites. Vetting this generation is key to their success. The construction trades is not for everyone. Once they are employed, accessible and practical skills training and knowledge transfer is the biggest challenge facing this 'New Talent'.

   - 4.5% BC unemployment rate
   - Generation Z key to labourforce
   - Labour shortage effecting succession planning
Next 10 years
   - 7% decline in labour market participation

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Current Projects

Construction Trades, the 2nd largest employment sector in BC is struggling to find a skilled workforce. Faced with shortages in existing skill, the retirement of 50% of it's trades, declining labour market participation and lack of skills training, some Contruction Trades are mobilzing to build a workforce.

   - 2nd largest employement sector in BC
   - Represents 65 Trades
   - 47,000 Employers
   - 361,000 Employees
   - $11.7 Billion in payroll

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Current Projects

Trades Expo


7th Annual TRADES Expo

October 24 - 25, 2019
Agriplex, Surrey BC

BC's largest hands-on Trades event for anyone interested in the trades.
Explore it. Try it. Own it.

♦ Tradespeople    ♦ Employers   ♦ Youth Market ♦ Industry   ♦ Training     ♦ Fun, Prizes

BC Schools

School to Site

2019/2020 Information

In your School. No Charge.

When: September - June

The School to Site introduction and transition program. In School series and on-site exploring.

♦ Tradespeople    ♦ Employers   ♦ Essential Skills ♦ Tools   ♦ Trade Specific Skills


Modular Training

Practical, competency based learning developed and taught by real world tradespeople.

Current Trades offered:

♦ Forming
♦ Concrete
♦ Flooring

Working with industry to develop a skilled workforce.


Trade Consortium

A Construction Sector Labour Partnership (SLP) attracting, promoting, transitioning, employing, and training youth from school to site.



A Sector Labour Partnership (SLP) attracting and training concrete forming, placing, finishing, and repair trades.

 ♦ Commercial
 ♦ Residential
 ♦ Specialty

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