Why us

Our mission at Canadian National Trades is to bring a voice of real working tradespeople, the unique men and women that build our world, not on keyboards, not with words, but with hands.

Who we are?

What we do

What we do at Canadian National Trades is represent tradespeople. The 'boots on the ground' men and women that do the jobs.

Whether you are a seasoned worker, own a trade company, are part of the new generation, or don't quite know if a trades is right for you. From exploring the trades, to recruiting and training the trades, we are part of the solution.

You'd be amazed at how many trades are saying the same thing!  Join and be part of the solution.

Why We Do it

Why Canadian National Trades does it, because for years the people that actually do the jobs have fallen silent to the wave of on-line, technology and communications messaging.

The trades need a voice. They need solutions, not planning to have a meeting to create a report. To this end we partner with trades to address some of the key issues.

Who it's for

This is for all the tradespeople. Those that do the jobs.

Whether you are a seasoned or new tradeperson, a trade contractor or employee, or female or male, each of you bring unique challenges and perspectives.  You'd be surprised at how similar the conversations are.

There are 430,000 of you tradespeople in BC, 20% of the working population, join the conversation and create the message of the blue-collar trades moving forward.

LOL Remember google can't build it - You do!

Letter from Founder

Why I started this.

With three generations of trades in my family, I have lived in the world of trades my whole life. From pulling wire with my Electrician Dad, to raising a family with my concrete finisher partner of 32 years, to a son who has entered the trades.

Over the year's I've seen ebbs and flows in construction trades, but 2019 is a different animal. We find ourselves with no 'new generation' tradespeople coming foward. Can't build it, and definately can't built it correctly if we don't invest in future tradespeople. Sure there has been effort from various associations, groups, and organizations, but have experienced limited success. and sure it would be easy to blame 'the system' for the short comings, but honestly I have never really seen the trades promote themselves, their skills, their knowledge and their successes. The world just goes on, construction workers remain invisible, yet the world somehow gets built.

I started this because I can be part of the solution. I am just one piece and as we move forward we have seen great success through actions. There are some great kids out there that should be in the trades all we have to do is train them a bit different. This is the route of our collective efforts and the voices, meaning owners, individual trades, schools, and private individuals are making it happen.

So, now it's time for the Trades to have a voice. You are the ones doing the jobs, you are the ones on the sites, you are the ones with the skill and knowledge to make things happen.

We are only a piece to the puzzle but I am listening and am working on 'real world' solutions to the challenges you are facing. Send my your thoughts, share the issue you see and let's make some change happen.

What's on your mind, call me anytime. I actually pick up my phone.

Warmest Regards,

Diana K.

Current Projects

Canadian National Trades currently has a few initiaves and projects up and running in response to what we are hearing. Looking into 2017 we are please to announce our newest initiave the TRADES CHALLENGE!

Trades Expo


7th Annual TRADES Expo

October 25 - 26, 2019
Agriplex, Surrey BC

Trades Expo the must attend event that brings the blue-collar world of trades under one roof for two days.

♦ Tradespeople    ♦ Employers   ♦ Students 
♦ Industry   ♦ Training     ♦ Fun, Prizes


Modular Training

Real Tradespeople teaching real skills in real world conditions.

♦ New Trades Learning
♦ Company Training
♦ 101 Introduction Courses

Current Course offerings:
♦ Forming
♦ Concrete
♦ Flooring - Hardwood
♦ Flooring - Tile
♦ Flooring - Carpet


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