The New Labour Force

A ddress your current labour shortage with this unique Trade Consortium offering.

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Explore & Attract

Attracting youth into the trades through practical, hands-on exploration.

Vet & Transition

Vet and transition youth from school to site through established infrastructure.

Employ & Develop

Employ and develop youth on the job with industry training and knowledge transfer.


Build Your Workforce

Are you an employer in one of these trades? Looking to build your workforce?

The Trade Consortium currently offers solutions for forming, concrete, rebar, roofing, and flooring Trades.

All trades welcome! Call us. Let's make it happen.

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Building a Workforce

Short version...We are facing a critical workforce shortage. No company large or small is immuned to the impending shortage as it's a demographical shift, meaning to many retiring and not enough of those we need were born.   LEARN MORE


Supporting Associations
• BC Formworks Association
• Concrete Canada, Forming, Placing, Finishing, Repair Assocaiton
• BC Floor Covering Association

Are you an Association? Looking to help your membership develop a new generation workforce? Call us!

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Private Industry

Marketing, Promotion, Training
• Canadian National Trades
• Canadian Skilled Trades Association
• BC School Districts

Are you a public or independent school, a private program, or an alternative program looking to promote the trades to your youth? Call us.

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The Trades

Free form, Forming systems


Residential Highrise
  • Rigging
  • Carpentry
  • Formwork Systems
  • Layout

Placing, Finishing, Repairs


residential, commercial
  • forming, Rebar
  • Placing
  • Finishing
  • specialty, Repairs

Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl, Tile


Residential, Commercial
  • carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl Plank
  • Tile


THE Youth Factor
Currently there are 4 generations on job-sites. 50% of the 360,000 BC Construction Trades are retiring and the traditional 19-25 years olds we have all traditionally relied on were not born, and will continue to decline by 7% over the next 10 years. No company large or small is immuned from the impending labour shortage.

Baby-Boomers, Generation X and their kids the Millenials, are already working. The new generation workforce required is Generation Z ,coming out of school.

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Contact Us

If you are an employer looking to address your workforce shortage give us a call. New construction trades are welcome. Let's build our workforce.

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